• Abstracts - Invited Speakers

    Bird, Steven: Language learning in the wild: entering the life-world of a remote Indigenous community.

    Brown, Deborah & Key, Brian:  Consciousness cannot be separated from the structure-determines-function principle.

    Dennett, Daniel: Consciousness and free will evolved together.

    Hutto, Daniel: Bacteria and Bach: Clarifying Kinds of Cognition.

    Koramannil, Ganesh: Going beyond the surface of diversity: parallels of practices and prospects of common grounds – A personal reflection on Indian and Indigenous cultural fabrics and undercurrents .

    McMahon, Jennifer: Pleasure, Change, and the Evolving Taste in What’s Worth Knowing.

    Menary, Richard: Enculturating Cognition: From Simple Minds to Talking Heads and Back.

    Mumford, Stephen: Perception of Absence.

    Schwenkenbecher, Anne: Do group agents resemble psychopaths?

    Sterelny, Kim: Religion: Ritual and Community to Costs and Signals.

    Sutton, John: Neolithic personal memory: cognitive change and the scaffolded mind.

    Windt, Jennifer: Spontaneous thought & mental autonomy.

  • Abstracts - Stream A: Consciousness and Naturalism

    Clutton, Peter (with Sandgren, Alexander): A new puzzle for phenomenal intentionality.

    Jeffs, Rory: The Transcendental Ghost in the Evolved Machine: Dennett and Malabou on navigating Naturalism through the Fog of Post-Kantian Epistemology.

    Nielsen, Merin: Feelings, concepts and pathways for resolving prioritised needs.

    Planer, Ronald: Cultural variation in “theory of mind”: The view from cognitive science.

    Wood, Graham: Three evolved domains of belief: predictive, cooperative, and communicative.

  • Abstracts - Stream B: Cultural Change and Evolutionary Theory

    Gillett, Alexander: The transformative cultural niche: the case of human spatial cognition.

    Luoto, Severi: Extended phenotypes via life history theory, behavioral ecology, and ecological stoichiometry: An updated theoretical framework for human sexual selection.

    Mann, Stephen: Applied cultural evolution: Studying language change with evolutionary methods.

    Mingon, McArthur: Moving Minds Together: Culture, Cognition and the Maori Haka.

    Sanders, Stephen: On the Ontology of Cultural Units: Comparing Daniel Dennett and Dan Sperber.

    Totschnig, Wolfhart: Why is the human psyche such a mess? The answer from meme theory.

    Walmsley, Lachlan: The first memes.

  • Abstracts - Stream D: Indigenous Futures and Cultural Responses

    Moore, Susan: A leap of faith: intercultural constructions of safety in the NT.

    Puch-Bouwman, Jen: Epistemic Colonialism: Indigenous and non-western Knowledges in the Academy.

    Sangha, Kamaljit: Mainstreaming nature related cultural values into policy development.

    Zemits, Birut (and panel): Environmental Philosophy in the Anthropocene with a North Australian perspective

  • Abstracts - Stream E: Cultural Change and Creativity in Science and the Arts

    Pollock, Wayne: Where is Philosophy of Education in Teacher Education Curriculum?

    Brodski, Michael: Screening Universals: A biocultural Approach to Childhood Studies and Visual Arts.

    Bullot, Nicolas & Harrop, Lee: The power of words in modernist and contemporary visual arts.

    Heap, Jodie: Unleashing the ‘creative imagination’ in the domains of philosophy, science and art.

    Killin, Anton: Evolving creativity: homologies and analogies.

    Nannicelli, Ted: Aesthetics and the Limits of the Extended Mind.